“Hi, I am from Missouri, the heartland of the US. I had never hunted before in my life and I had never been to NZ. The entire trip was magical. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Aaron, his wife Carla, and all of the guides. They welcomed us at the airport as though we were old friends. I decided to tag along with some friends to NZ to “watch” them hunt because I love to hike. Our first time out, we saw many trophy animals but we waited for the perfect one. After the leader of our group got a magnificent red, I was hooked.

The next day, I went out in search of my first big game animal. After the better part of a day hiking the glorious NZ countryside, getting some shooting pointers, and visiting with my personal guide Scott, we saw my chocolate Fallow. He was stunning! We crept up the ridgeline, and with Scott’s calm coaching, the fallow dropped in one shot at 300 yards. What a thrill! Aaron and his crew are fantastic. Hunting, trout fishing or hiking New Zealand, my first hunting trip was truly a trip of a lifetime!”

Rosellen Meystrik MD

“After hunting sika several times with no real luck on a decent trophy I choose Hunting Downunder for my next trip. I rate the thrill and excitement of hunting Sika stags in the roar ahead of any of the other deer species. In the first three days of my first hunt I saw well in excess of 100 animals including many stags and shot a representable 8 point Sika stag.

I returned the following year to hunt once again and shot on my first morning a near 200DS, 9 point Sika stag and saw many other top quality trophy stags.

Aaron and his families hospitality was second to none, I recommend Aaron as the number one choice when hunting in New Zealand, give Aaron a call I am sure you will not regret it ” 

Daniel Burke – Melboune Australia (Australian Wild Deer Magazine)

“When people talk about a hunt of a lifetime I’ve always wondered what exactly would make up a hunt like that. Well, I found that out. You take New Zealand, Hunting Downunder, Tom, Aaron and family and the quality of the animals and Bingo, you have that once in a lifetime hunt!

Thanks again, Cecil Osterlund ” 

Cecil Schafer Osterland – North Dakota, USA

”Thank you for the wonderful time in NZ!

I went along with Cecil, not expecting to hunt, but with everyone bringing back their tropheys, I caught their excitement and I loved it! I hadn’t hunted in alot of years, but Tom gave me the confidence and I nailed my goat!

You all went out of your way to give us the best NZ experience, from the accommadations, the delicious meals and the day trip to hike and enjoy the Hot Springs!

I loved it all and I plan to come back to see you all!”

Barb Schafer Osterland – North Dakota, USA

“Simply amazing! From the animals, to the scenery, the food, and the company, this was a perfect hunting trip. We couldn’t have asked for more from Aaron, Tom and the rest of the crew. Every experience is a life long memory. It was also great to be able to bring my wife to a place where she enjoyed hunting and sight seeing as much as I did. I would recommend Hunting Down Under to anyone looking for the best hunting experience. I know I can’t wait to go back! Thanks Aaron!” 

Jeremy Butman – USA

“This was my first time on a guided hunt, and it will definitely be hard to beat! First I was surprised by getting to take my own red stag, then Aaron was able to get me to my comfortable shooting distance easily. I couldn’t be happier with my animal! Take that with all the other hikes and sight seeing experiences, whether I was out hunting or relaxing at the lodge, this was a perfect trip. Thank you for a hunt of a life time! Thanks Aaron and Tom!” 

Jamie Butman – USA

“We quickly became like family – except they do all the work!” 

Phyllis Tarter, Texas AMERICA

“Fantastic!! Great hunting and fishing with friendly hospitality and great cooking.”

Ed Clark, Victoria AUSTRALIA

“A dream come true, ‘Thanks Aaron’, magic place, wonderful people”

Mark (Drakey) Street, Tasmania AUSTRALIA

“Fantastic hosts, wonderful country and scenery, plenty of deer, I will be back!!”

Daniel Burke, Melbourne AUSTRALIA

“Had the time of my life! Great hunting, great fishing, great hospitality, Thanks Again!”

Tyce Dare, Tasmania AUSTRALIA

“Aaron took on a real task with me, 73yrs old and a couple of health issues, desperate for a sika stag, we succeeded. He’s got great roaring skills!”

Howard Egan, Wairarapa NEW ZEALAND