Trophy Tahr & Chamois Hunts

Tahr Hunts

Himalayan Bull Tahr, one of the most impressive big game animals New Zealand has to offer, possibly THE most impressive when seen in their natural habitat high on a rocky outcrop overlooking some of the most amazing scenery the world has to offer.

Trophy Bull Tahr can be hunted all year round but they’re best hunted in May/June, when their big, dark, shaggy coats are at their finest and they have their minds focused on other things, the Nannies – this is when they rut!. July is also a good time to hunt as the Bulls start to leave the nannies and drop lower to feed and join their “Bachelor groups”. Springtime, October/November, is also a great time to hunt trophy bulls, their manes/capes are more blonde in color then due to sun bleaching.

Fitness levels do have to be OK, but HUNTING DOWNUNDER offers options to harvest trophy Bulls for ALL fitness levels and ages!


Chamois Hunts

Chamois, an intelligent, extremely astute and agile Antelope x Goat like animal which can be very challenging to hunt. Unlike Tahr (who only inhabit the central mountain areas of the South Island), Chamois range from the top to the bottom of the South Island (as with Tahr, they’re not on the North Island), from the coastline to the snow covered mountain tops.

You can argue on what the better Chamois trophy mount is, a Winter or Summer coat, the trophy is in the eye of the beholder! Chamois bucks rut at a similar time to Tahr, May/June. It’s not just the Bucks that offer trophy horns though, the Does horns grow just as big – though we do try to harvest Bucks when we can.

As with the Tahr, fitness levels do need to be OK but the Chamois are generally hunted on easier, Tussock country.

For those with limited time, it’s hard to beat the excitement and thrill of a Helihunt for both Bull Tahr and/or a Chamois Buck!

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