Red Stag Hunting

Red Deer  (Cervus Elaphus Scoticus)

The most magestic of all New Zealand game animals, Red Deer were introduced to New Zealand in the late 1800’s and are now common throughout the whole country.

Red Stag Hunting involves the hunting of Trophy Stags, which are best hunted from late February through to July when the stag is in “hard antler”, with the rut, or as we say in New Zealand, “the roar”, starting early March and continuing into May – the best time to hunt!.

New Zealanders call it “the roar” because of the Lion like bellow that emits from a rutting stag, a sound that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

As with other New Zealand outfitters, Hunting Downunder’s  trophy Stag prices work on the SCI measurement system ($/per inch of antler)

Contact us at Hunting Downunder on trophy Stag pricings/hunts that no other NZ outfitters can beat!

320-340SCI stag hunts starting at $4,000 TOTAL

340-360SCI stag hunts starting at $6,000 TOTAL

360-380SCI stag hunts starting at $8,000 TOTAL

380-400SCI stag hunts starting at $10,000 TOTAL