North Island

Situated in the “Sunny Hawkes Bay” at the foothills of the Kaweka Mountain Range, HUNTING DOWNUNDERS 3 bedroom accommodation is surrounded by rolling hills and farmland, only an hours drive from Napier City’s airport – where you will be greeted and collected from. The rural homestead boundaries the main hunting area, where roaring Stags can be heard through the night. A 5 minute drive down the road is the Mohaka River, awesome fishing! with about a 30 minute drive out to natural hot pools, ideal to bathe in after a hard days hunting, or for the wife to enjoy some “time out”!.

South Island

HUNTING DOWNUNDER has concessions on both the East and Western sides of the Southern Island of NZ with accommodations ranging from a 3 bunk hut in the middle of prime Stag and Bull Tahr hunting country, 3-4 bedroom rural homesteads, to our 5 bedroom lodging on the beautifully scenic West Coast. So although accommodations will depend on the hunt, we guarantee you a warm, welcoming and comfortable stay!

Meals – ‘A Taste Of The Wild Cuisine’

HUNTING DOWNUNDER specializes in providing you with a ʻtaste of the wildʼ cuisine from the wild animals that we harvest and inhabit the local areas. Maybe smoked eel or freshly fried trout, roast wild duck or marinated venison steaks on the barbeque (grill), we guarantee you your pallet will be satisfied. Fresh vegetables with roast lamb or maybe a good old fashioned rabbit stew, there’s a great variety on our menu – and you wonʼt even have to do any dishes!!

NB We do provide vegetarian, gluten free and vegan meals but extra costs may be incurred due to extra supplies and the separate preparation required.

Local Attractions For ‘Non Hunters’

New Zealand’s No1 industry is tourism, for this reason there is A LOT to do and see for travellers coming to our awesome country. As NZ is basically made up of x2 Islands, it’s not far to drive from one side to the other so quite a few of our clients take extra time when here to either drive from their airport of arrival to where we collect them to start their hunt or, after the hunt, they spend some time exploring the country.

On planning your trip to NZ, we (Carla and/or I) will be more than happy to help with ideas for a vacation full of adventure and/or relaxation! One of the more popular ideas is a visit to “Hobbiton”, the Hobbit village where part of the “Lord of the Rings” and the “Hobbit” trilogy movies were filmed.

In the North Island, a short scenic drive away from the accommodation, set amongst native bush overlooking the river, there is a beautiful natural Hot Spring to lie back and relax in. Or, just sit and relax in the peaceful surroundings in a classic “Kiwi” rural environment.

As well as the great outdoors, there’s great shopping to be had in Napier, the “Art Deco capital of the world”, which has a wide range of café’s, bars and wineries (Hawkes Bay is world renown for its wines), beautiful coastlines, the National Aquarium, and much, much more.

The South Island is arguably more scenic than the North with the stunning Southern Alps dividing the East and West providing magestic views all year round. HUNTING DOWNUNDER operates under these Alps on both sides of the divide, so the scenery travelling to the accommodations is worth the trip alone!

Once again, local towns provide great shopping and relaxing in “quaint cafes”, and the exploring of various districts relatively short history (eg visiting old gold mines, historic Church’s, museums etc) is very interesting.