Fallow Buck Hunting

Fallow Deer  (Dama Dama)

Not only are the trophy Fallow bucks sort after for their “moose like” palmated antlers, their colour variety also makes them a very appealing trophy – from beautifully spotted to dark black coats, even next to pure White ones are fairly common.

Fallow Deer, like Red Deer, were released in New Zealand in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and also like the Reds, they’re one of the most common of the deer species in NZ.

Trophy Fallow Bucks are best hunted during their rut as they are very secretive at other times and hard to find.

The bucks are very active over the rut period – April/May, and emit an unusual pig/frog like “croak”.

Hunting Downunder’s Fallow Buck Hunting offering have Hungarian bloodlines so they can grow into impressive trophies by the age of 4, and we target trophies with a minimum SCI score of 170SCI.